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Number Four School Handbook
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Thursday, September 19, 2013
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 Oh, the things you will know… And all the ways you will grow!

 ** credit to Dr. Seuss

Through Number Four School you will roam,

Until you feel like it is your home.

You will learn to read,

do mathematics and share.

And remember these rules should be followed with care…


                                    These rules are the rules,

                                        They keep us safe,

                                        They help us learn.

              Use your good manners and let others have a turn.



A person’s a person,

no matter how small.

Being kind to others,

isn’t hard at all!


The bus, the bus

we ride the bus.

To school and to home

It delivers us.

Remember to always:

1.  Greet your driver

2.  Use your buckle

3.  Stay in your seat

4.  Use quiet voices


 Every day you will walk through the halls.

Up stairs, down stairs, be you short or tall.

As you go, be safe and remember:

 1.  Stay in a line

2.  Hands at your sides

3.  Look ahead

4.  Stay with your group



At Number Four School every day, there will be time for you to play. Indoors, outdoors or with friends in the sun, these rules will help you stay safe and have fun!


1.  Stay with your group

2.  Listen to the grown up

3.  Take turns and share


 In the lunchroom or classroom remember these few rules to stay healthy and have good manners too! Eating and drinking are so fun to do. It helps us stay healthy and gives us energy too.

1.  Stay at your table until you are done

2.  Clean up your area, push in your chair

3.  Use good manners, like “thank you” and “please”

4.  We share friendship, not food

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