Buenos tardes! Our Spanish word of the day in honor of Hispanic Heritage month is buenos tardes which means good afternoon. Today we are also learning about the color pink! You can see the many shades of pink incorporated into the children's outfits as they happily play outside.
about 20 hours ago, Patricia Almonaitis
playing outside
outdoor play
Each day we focus on a new color. Today we learned about the color green by wearing green clothing to school. The children in room 4 were surprised to mix blue and yellow paint to create green!
7 days ago, Patricia Almonaitis
Today we celebrated Patriot Day at the Early Childhood Center. We waved our flags high in remembrance of those who lost their lives 20 years ago on September 11th. One way we can honor those American families is to be kind to one another and always lend a helping hand . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lwHVhX5cwpI
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Room 1
Room 4
Room 3
Room 2
"I've always loved the first day of school better than the last day of school. Firsts are best because they are beginnings."
16 days ago, Patricia Almonaitis
first day
Today we welcome our youngest learners to Pre-K for our Open House.
19 days ago, Patricia Almonaitis
Hello pre-K families! Looking forward to meeting you all today during your scheduled time for Open House. Full day pre-kindergarten begins tomorrow, September 3rd.
19 days ago, Patricia Almonaitis
locations for arrival and dismissal
open house
open house
Everything you need to know in one place. Get your learners ready for a return to school on Thursday September 2nd. Check it out. https://www.smore.com/9032g
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Summer Reading Wrap-up Smore Issue #8 https://www.smore.com/gfued Look for more Library Smore’s over the school year - You can find them in our Lawrence Bookmarks on your chromebook.
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Please see the newsletter for safety updates regarding our reopening. We look forward to seeing all learners for daily in person learning. We will be wearing masks as the year starts. See you September 2nd! https://www.smore.com/kx3zb
about 1 month ago, Ann Pedersen
Thank you to all the families & caregivers that came out for our Mid-Summer Reading Check-in. It was so great to see you all. Did you know you can find the smore on your Chromebook in your Lawrence Bookmarks. Take a peek at this week's smore. https://www.smore.com/xgzer
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2021-2022 UPK Supply List
about 1 month ago, Patricia Almonaitis
Pre-K supply list
Pre-K supply list
Lawrence, The first day of school for students is September 2nd. There have been no department of health updates sent to schools, however today the state education department announced guidance will be coming to address questions around the wearing of masks, social distancing, remote learning, and transportation. We will keep you informed and thank you for your patience and support. We look forward to the start of school! Dr. Pedersen
about 1 month ago, Ann Pedersen
The Midsummer Check-In Event is beginning now! We look forward to seeing all of our learners at 195 Broadway from 9 to 11 AM! Come pick up your FREE books and shirt!
about 1 month ago, Lawrence School District
midsummer check-in
Free books, snacks & T-shirts. I can't wait to see you all there 💕 Come on down tomorrow to 195 Broadway for our Mid-Summer Reading check-in 📚 from 9 to 11am. Summer Reading Issue #6 is available now too ... Check it out 😁 https://www.smore.com/wqj8m
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Only 4 days until our Midsummer Check-in Event! We look forward to seeing all of our students and families. Stop by 195 Broadway on Tuesday morning between 9AM-11AM to pick out 2 books and receive your shirt! Also, students who attended one of the virtual "Mentally Strong" workshops with Dr. Romie will be able to pick-up their prizes.
about 2 months ago, Lawrence School District
Good morning Lawrence families! We are happy to announce our Midsummer Check-In Event will be on Tuesday, August 10th from 9AM – 11AM at 195 Broadway. During the event, students will have the opportunity to pick 2 free books to add to their home library. They will also receive their free shirt and snack. We look forward to seeing all of you on Tuesday!
about 2 months ago, Lawrence Summer Reading
Midsummer Check-In Event
Midsummer Check-In Event
Hoping you are having a fabulous summer. Issue # 5 - The latest edition of our Summer Reading smore is ready for you. Check it out here 😁 https://www.smore.com/knc9y
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Welcome to Issue #4 of our Summer Reading Smore. The Lawrence Summer Reading Challenge continues. Did you Know? Only students who read 15 minutes or more a day saw accelerated reading gains—that is, gains higher than the national average—and students who read just over a half-hour to an hour per day saw the greatest gains of all. Check out this week's Summer Reading Smore here: https://www.smore.com/528sz
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Summer Reading is for me and for you. 😍 Issue # 3 of our Summer Reading Smore is now available. Check it out! https://www.smore.com/mn92wu
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