Directed Turkey Drawings! Children followed step by step instructions on how to create a turkey. They used paint brushes to create the head and body and their fingers to paint the feathers.
about 19 hours ago, Patricia Almonaitis
Directed Turkey Drawings
Please use the link below to access a how-to video in English & Spanish on the activation process and use of the Frontline Health App. As a reminder, this must be completed EACH day your child attends in-person learning. If you are experiencing any issues, please email details to Utilice el enlace a continuación para acceder a un video instructivo en inglés y español sobre el proceso de activación y el uso de la aplicación Frontline Health. Como recordatorio, esto debe completarse CADA día que su hijo/a asista al aprendizaje en persona. Si tiene algún problema, envíe los detalles por correo electrónico a
1 day ago, Patricia Almonaitis
Frontline Health App
While learning about Pilgrims and their voyage, children decided to create their own version of the "Mayflower" in the block area.
5 days ago, Patricia Almonaitis
We are thankful to you! Wishing all of our community a safe and healthy Thanksgiving. Please see latest newsletter here: Dr. Pedersen
7 days ago, Ann Pedersen
"Kindness is contagious too!"
11 days ago, Patricia Almonaitis
Kindness is contagious too!
Happy World Kindness Day! When we asked our children what kindness meant they said, "Sharing, being nice, sweeping, saying thank you, helping mom..."
11 days ago, Patricia Almonaitis
World kindness day
kindness mural
Students in Room 6 used magnetic math manipulatives to spell out the word "Kind". All week they are focusing on the meaning of kindness. Tomorrow, November 13th is World Kindness Day.
12 days ago, Patricia Almonaitis
The District has been notified of 2 positive cases of COVID-19. It was determined that neither individual was in the school buildings during the period of time they would have been contagious. These cases emphasize the importance of testing, staying home when sick, and not masking symptoms with fever reducing medications. A letter with more information can be found at: Thank you & stay well, Dr. Pedersen
13 days ago, Lawrence School District
Stay Home If Sick
Kindness Week continues by being the "I" in KIND
14 days ago, Pre-K
Dear Lawrence Families, The district was notified today of 2 positive COVID-19 cases. One case involves an individual at the Early Childhood Center. The second is an individual at Lawrence High School. Please see the following letter for more information:
15 days ago, Lawrence School District
Thank you Mrs. DiCeglio for getting our school ready for Kindness Week! All week students will be learning about what it means to be kind and will work together on a school mural.
15 days ago, Patricia Almonaitis
Be Kind
Good evening Lawrence Families! Beginning Monday you must complete the Daily COVID-19 Health Check on the Frontline Health Portal and not the Google Daily Health Questionnaire Form. For anyone who has not yet registered, information on registering for the Frontline Health Portal can be found at
18 days ago, Lawrence School District
Today is Election Day! Please view the link for an optional Election Day activity.
21 days ago, Pre-K
Happy "Who Day"! Lawrence UPK teachers read their favorite storybooks to their class this week and also uploaded a video of their story to share with other classrooms.  The videos can be found in the news and documents section of the UPK page.  Today they will dress as their favorite storybook character in honor of "Who Day"!
25 days ago, Patricia Almonaitis
Who Day
who day
Who Day
Continuing our purposeful play remote learning education. Children using household items to create letters, nature to create their names, illustrating their own pumpkins and learning the various parts of a pumpkin, as well as creating animals out of their favorite snack food! Great job UPK!
25 days ago, Patricia Almonaitis
purposeful play
Wednesday October 28th Free Flu Shots available at the Five Towns Community Center from 2:00-8:00 pm
27 days ago, Ann Pedersen
The children in Ms. Pistorio and Ms. LaTorre's class went on a scavenger hunt in their home and shared their findings during their live google meet.
29 days ago, Patricia Almonaitis
color scavenger hunt
Pre-K families please fill out the Yellow Zone Assurances Form as soon as possible. While filling out the form you will select Cohorts A&B. Thank you for your support and cooperation!
about 1 month ago, Patricia Almonaitis
The students in Mrs. Crespo and Ms. Thomas's class sharing their remote learning activities. Students are using resources found in and around the home to practice their name recognition and math skills.
about 1 month ago, Patricia Almonaitis
purposeful play
Want to download the Lawrence District 15 App to stay connected and informed, but don't know how? Watch this video to learn how:
about 1 month ago, Lawrence School District