Teacher Appreciation Week- Day #4! We are so lucky to have these amazing teachers! Today the spotlight is on Room #4. *Danyel Siciliano- This is her 4th year at our school. Danyel is mom to a 9 year old girl. When asked what she likes about working here she said- " I love working with the kids at this age. They learn so much, they are like sponges!" *Christina Graziano- This is her first year with us. I asked her what she likes about working here , her response was- "I love the staff and the environment. I love the moment when you see a child understanding the concepts being taught- that "light bulb" moment. It's a very rewarding job. I love working with children. I'm a life long learner. I believe we are learning everyday. My favorite quote is-"It takes a big heart to shape little minds."
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Teacher appreciation
Mrs. Siciliano
Ms. Graziano
Teacher Appreciation Week- Day #3: We really appreciate all of our teachers. Today we will put the spotlight on Room #3- *Loretta Crespo- I have been teaching at School #4 for four years. I have been an early childhood teacher for over 20 years in many types of school environments. I've also been a director/supervisor in a few private schools. I really enjoy working here at School #4. We have a very caring community here. I think as a Pre-K, the curriculum that we have is really great. We have lots of hands-on, interactive lessons. I am proud to be working somewhere where teachers really strive to make their lessons creative, interesting and child centered. I'm happy to be here. *Kelinda Thomas-This is her second year here. Ms. Thomas used to be a chef and really enjoys cooking! I asked her what she likes about working here and she said-" I like my co-workers. I like that my lead teacher, Loretta, has been so helpful. And I like working with children!"
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Teacher appreciation
Loretta Crespo
Ms. Thomas
Teacher Appreciation Week- Day 2! Today I would like to highlight the teachers in Room #2. We appreciate all of our wonderful teachers here in Pre-K. *Kerri Caporina-She has been here at School # 4 for 4 years. She also teaches several dance classes to children: Tap, Hip Hop, Jazz, Acrobatics and Ballet. She loves Disney and Harry Potter. I asked her why do you like working here?- "I like the people that I work with, and I like the students!' * Brittany DiCeglio- She has been working here for 5 years. Ms. DiCeglio is engaged and will be getting married in August! She said- "I like working with this age group. I like watching how they grow from the beginning of the year, until the last day of classes." She is also excited to be working at the same school with her mom. *Michele DiCeglio-She started teaching in Lawrence for the Pre-K Creative Child Program in 1999. Her three daughters all went to school in Lawrence. When asked why she likes teaching here she said: " I like the feeling of family. This is part of my community".
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Ms. Caporina
Ms. Brittany DiCeglio
Mrs. DiCeglio
Teacher Appreciation
This is Teacher Appreciation Week- We have some amazing teachers here at School #4. Today I would like to highlight our teachers in Room #1. *Mrs. Gillespie- This is her first year of teaching! She is a mom of twin 5 year old girls. I asked her what she likes about our school, and she said- " The staff and families are lovely. We have a very nice sense of community. The children are such enthusiastic learners . I believe Pre-K should be fun! *Mrs. O'Toole- This is her second year at our school. She is a mom to a six year old boy who attended our school-Gabriel. Joanna said- "I love teaching children this age. I like to contribute to their growth. I think this age is important and I enjoy them!"
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Teacher appreciation
Mrs. Gillespie
Mrs. O'Toole
What a great way to end our Mental Wellness Spirit Week- Today was Fitness Friday!! We talked to the children about how important it is to stay physically active. Being active gives us more energy, helps us grow and learn more. The children went outside and enjoyed playing on the playground equipment. Thank you to everyone that set up and planned all the great activities this week. Our students in Pre-K had a great time! And we all love our Lawrence Strong t=shirts! ¡Qué gran manera de terminar nuestra Semana del Espíritu de Bienestar Mental! ¡Hoy fue Viernes de Ejercicios! Hablamos con los niños sobre lo importante que es mantenerse físicamente activo. Estar activos nos da más energía, nos ayuda a crecer y a aprender más. Los niños salieron y disfrutaron jugando en el parque infantil. Gracias a todos los que organizaron y planearon todas las grandes actividades de esta semana. ¡Nuestros estudiantes de Pre-K se lo pasaron genial! ¡Y a todos nos encantan nuestras camisetas de Lawrence Strong!
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Room 1 and 3 feeling strong!
room 2 feeling strong
strong room 4
Room 6 feeling strong
This week was Mental Wellness Spirit Week! There were so many wonderful activities planned. The children watched recordings where they learned some breathing exercises. In class we did yoga, watched a Magician, and even heard an awesome story called, "How to be a Lion" read by Dr. Pedersen. We also talked about being kind, and discussed our feelings. In Room 3 we talked about being kind to others and completed the Post-It activity. They each picked a friend and drew a picture of how they can be kind. And on Wednesday we dressed up to show our inner "rock stars"!
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Drawing pictures of kindness
Feeling green and doing yoga
Our inner rock stars
Planting in Pre-K. Great day. Here are more of our little ones.
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flowers room 2
flower fun
Today we planted flowers. What a beautiful sunny day. A little windy, but the children enjoyed planting their own flower into our flowerbeds. They were careful and remembered to water them. They can't wait to see how big the flowers will grow.
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Planting fun
Planting room 6
Flower planting
Planting room 3
Our Mental Wellness Spirit week begins on Monday, April 26th. Let's work together to learn about the importance of Mental and Physical Health on Academic Success! We will celebrate the many ways we can impact our brain and body in positive ways. On Friday, April 30th, students and staff will wear our matching T-shirts.
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Mental Wellness Spirit Week
Mental Wellness Schedule
Today is Earth Day! The children are learning all about protecting our Earth and how they can keep our planet clean. Children helped sort items in their classes for recycling, they planted in the classrooms, and helped pull weeds out of our flowerbeds. One class had a scavenger hunt and searched outside for different parts of nature.
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Earth Day
scavenger hunt
pulling weeds
Good afternoon Lawrence Early Childhood Center! Our Mental Wellness Spirit week begins on Monday, April 26th. Let's work together to learn about the importance of Mental and Physical Health on Academic Success! We will celebrate the many ways we can impact our brain and body in positive ways. On Friday, April 30th, students and staff will wear our matching T-shirts. Full remote learners, please watch for a message on how and when to pick up your shirt. A letter and flyer with the week’s events can be found at: https://core-docs.s3.amazonaws.com/documents/asset/uploaded_file/1222515/ECC.pdf
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Mental Wellness Week
The children are enjoying the beautiful weather. We were all excited about using the playground equipment! Lots of big smiles on our faces. In Room 1- Ms. Gillespie baked bread with the class! It was a fun lesson!
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Playground Room 4
Playground Room 2
Playground Room 6
Baking bread -Room 1
Good morning Lawrence families. This Thursday (April 22nd), Northwell Health will be at the Five Towns Community Center distributing Coronavirus vaccines to individuals 18 years & older. Appointments are required and can be made online at https://northwellvaccine.force.com/s/?id=a1T4x000007TenCEAS
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Family Friday! Celebrating our families today in Pre-K! We love seeing the children's faces light up when they share things from home. Today they were excited to show us pictures of their families. Some students also drew pictures of their families.
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Family Friday room 4
Family Friday Room 2
Family Friday room 6
Family Friday Room 3
Artsy Thursday fun!
21 days ago, Pre-K
artsy Room  6
Artsy Thursday! Kids love art. Making art can improve your child's fine motor skills and enhance their creative problem-solving abilities. When children work on open-ended art projects they make choices, use their imaginations, and create with their hands. Today our Pre-K students made lots of creative artwork.
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Artsy Room 1
Artsy more Room 1
Artsy Room 2
Artsy Room 4
Work Together Wednesday! When children build together they explore math and science concepts and develop their social and early literacy skills. Children worked together today using blocks, cups, lego bricks and even built a fort!
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working together room 2
working together room 1
working together room 3
working together room 6
Today is Tasty Tuesday! Healthy eating is very important. Today the children tried some yummy fruits and vegetables. First they created a fun food picture, and then they ate their creations!
24 days ago, Pre-K
Tasty Tuesday Room 6
Tasty Tuesday table
Tasty Tuesday Room 3
This week we are celebrating the Week of the Young Child! Today was Music Monday. We made or played instruments while listening to music. The children had fun dancing too!
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week of the young child
music Monday
playing music
Next week we will be celebrating the Week of the Young Child. We have 5 fun filled days to celebrate our young learners! On Music Monday- We will celebrate with music. Tuesday is Tasty Tuesday. Children will be tasting fruits and vegetables and some will use the food to create art. Wednesday is Work Together Wednesday. Students will build together and explore math and science concepts. Thursday is Artsy Thursday- We will make some open-ended art projects. And on Family Friday we will share the family pictures that your child brings to class. I will post pictures next week. La semana que viene celebraremos la Semana del Niño Pequeño. ¡Tenemos 5 días llenos de diversión para celebrar a nuestros jóvenes estudiantes! On Music Monday- Celebraremos con música. El martes es un martes sabroso. Los niños probarán frutas y verduras y algunos usarán la comida para crear arte. El miércoles es el miércoles de Trabajar juntos. Los estudiantes construirán juntos y explorarán conceptos matemáticos y científicos. El jueves es un jueves artístico: haremos algunos proyectos de arte abiertos. Y el viernes familiar compartiremos las fotos familiares que su hijo trae a clase. ¡Publicaré fotos la próxima semana!
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week of the young child